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About Us

Brief History

The College of Management was established in 1997.  Currently, it has one Ph.D. program of Creative Industries, seven departments—Department of Business Administration, Department of Accounting, Department of Finance and Banking, Department of Risk Management and Insurance, Department of International Business, Department of Information Technology and Management, Department of Applied Foreign Languages. It has kept expanding into the current largest College at Shih Chien University with about 4,655 students, 90 full-time faculty members and 120 part-time faculty members.


With emphasis of “Responsibility, Collaboration, and Innovation”, the College of Management aims at becoming a distinguished business school in Asia through integration of professional knowledge and diverse internship programs.


The College of Management creates opportunities for future business leaders to be active in the context of the global business environment.  

The features are as below:

Strengthening theory-into-practice curricula

  • Employment Programs sponsored by Ministry of Labor of Executive Yuan
  • Interdisciplinary Programs
  1. Accounting practical skill-oriented development and training program
  2. Employment program of smart cross-border e-commerce and fashion marketing for applied talents
  3. Department of Finance and Banking - Career Program: Digital Finance and Wealth Management
  4. Service industry science and technology talent training program plan

Enhancing competitiveness at workplace

  • Implementation of Graduation Projects
  • Execution of Internship and Professional Training

Integrating core courses and teaching resources

  • Incorporation of basic required courses across departments
  • Encouragement of cross-disciplinary learning

Fostering students with positive learning attitudes

  • Reinforcement of healthy life style
  • Provision of teaching assistant consultation



Department of Business Administration
Information Technology and Management
Department of Finance and Banking
Department of Risk Management and Insurance
Department of International Business
Department of Applied Foreign Languages
Department of Accounting
Graduate Institute of Creative Industries